The Connection Between Your Mindset and Creative Success

Mindset can greatly impact many aspects of one’s life, and it for sure affects success. Check out how to get yo mind right this week here.

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Image via Complex

Drake, Kendrick, J. Cole & How a New Generation of Artists Manages Fame

Living is hard enough, never mind living with fame. At 26 I still sometimes (frequently) leave the house with a silk cap on and sweats, and generally try not to explode when I'm complimented. Attention isn't my thing. However, I've always found it interesting how different types of people handle attention. Check out how this new generation of artists handle the limelight here.

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Donald Glover is releasing a new album. Here’s why you definitely want to hear it.

Listened to the newest Childish Gambino project, and realized it sounds nothing like his previous work? That’s honestly my favorite part of “Awaken, My Love!” Whether it’s a favorite of yours or not, there’s no debate around one thingit. is. good. Check out how Gambino even got to this point in this in depth review of his work, and why you should definitely listen to his newest album.

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Why SZA's Next Album May Be Her Last

My first reaction upon seeing this article shared on twitter:



I love SZA, and I hope her ultimate decision honestly just makes her happy. Check out why this next album may be her last here.

Who To Follow (And Why)

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Other Reads + Gentle Reminders

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I'm not exactly sure where to place this, but you should definitely check it out:

WBEZ Chicago's Making Oprah

I vividly remember watching episodes of The Oprah Winfrey show while laying on my grandma's living room floor in Springfield, Massachusetts. My Caribbean grandmother, who enjoyed talking on the phone for hours, would take the remote and sit down every afternoon to intently watch Oprah. Whether or not you've had a similar experience with your mom, grandma or auntie, the story behind the making of THE Oprah Winfrey is a journey worth sharing. Check out the three-part series here.