The Terrifying Truth Of How Future's DJ Got Stuck In A Dubai Jail For 56 Nights

Prior to reading this article, I had no idea how or why DJ Esco was in jail. When I think of Dubai, I think of travel noire hashtags, motorcross bikes posing in sand dunes and opulence. While the story ends with him getting out, the terrifying story of his journey to freedom is well worth the read.

via okayplayer

via okayplayer

The Secret History Of A Tribe Called Quest's Final Album

This article reminds me of sitting at the kitchen table in my grandma's house on Rockwell Street, listening to my older cousins laughing through shared stories of the past. Every album has a story. A Tribe Called Quest's final album though has a history behind it. Check out how the album came about here.


How to start a company with no free time – Startup Grind

Who says you can’t start a company with no free time? Check out this article for ways to launch your side hustle or passion project, even with a very finite amount of free time in your schedule!

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