November is one of my favorite months for a few reasons:

1. Fall is my favorite season.

2. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (yes, I love food).

3. I can more easily see the light at the end of the tunnel with only 2 months left in the year.

While some people panic from the "I haven't done everything yet" feels, these last couple of months are like the final strides of a long run for me. I thrive in that final stretch.

But focusing solely on the last moments of 2017 is only half of the battle. I encourage you to look at these final months as both a great time to tie up loose ends and a great time to continue the work that will bring about new beginnings after the new year. Put in the work needed for your progression now and continue doing that work.

Sometimes the end of the year is just the beginning.



Photograph via

Photograph via

Tyler, the Creator on The Jellies! and Why He'd Like Being a Mermaid

Tyler, the Creator and his creative partner and friend, Lionel Boyce, talk about work ethic and how to learn through the creative process, while also arguing over Dragonball Z. This may be my favorite interview of Tyler. You should read it.


How to Market Yourself Like A Pro (Because Self-Promotion Isn't Gross. It's Smart.)

Because sometimes marketing yourself can feel weird, but you gotta get over that sooner than later, boo.

Photograph by  Mark P

Photograph by Mark P

Brent Faiyaz’ Manager Pulls Back the Ugly Curtain on the Major Label Ballgame


Hands down one of the most informative things I’ve read about the music industry to date.

Photograph via

Photograph via

Halftime is game time: An oral history of ‘Drumline’

One of the greatest pieces I've ever read on the internet.

Photograph by  JASON NOCITO

Photograph by JASON NOCITO

Earth to André 3000: The OutKast Icon Talks Creativity, Drugs, and Moving to New York City

Because I haven't read an exclusive on Andre 3000 in possibly over a decade (or more), and apparently he has a bunker in New York prepared for nuclear warfare.


You Don't Have to Meet All the Job Requirements - The Muse

One of the more helpful reads on how to hack job hunting. 


Other Reads + Gentle Reminders



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