There are some conversations that just can't fully be captured through writing. This was one of those conversations. The conversation that actually inspired me to turn First Year Project into a podcast, rather than keep it as a written blog.

Because you all have been so supportive of the First Year Project movement, I'm sharing my very first, fully recorded interview. It features a conversation I had in January 2015 with the a group consisting of DJs, music producers and artists, called Bad Decisions Collective. We talk about how the group got its start, changes Boston has gone through in the last 5-10 years and what's up next for the group.

The sound quality is poor, very poor, as this very first interview was recorded on my phone with a basic recording app. Hookah is being smoked throughout the entire interview, people are interrupting each other frequently and someone, for God knows what reason, is rocking back and forth in a squeaky chair. But the conversation is authentic, the energy in the room is magical, and the experience has served as a catalyst for the work I now do. 

This is a bonus episode. We drop episodes regularly every Monday, so if you haven't listened to S1 E7: Do It For the Culture (with Malcolm from CLLCTV BOSTON) then go back and listen to that first.

Many thanks in advance for downloading, liking and sharing this episode. Listen on iTunes.